Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Criticisms and the Church

Maureen Dowd has an interesting look at the poor attitude towards women and why things need to change.

An interesting view of how these events in the Vatican could tie back to John Paul II.

Then another from a woman worried at people, like Michelle Malkin - yeah her, criticizing the Church.  What I find fascinating is how she sees the faith of Catholics. It is all about the faith and truth of Catholicism. While popes, bishops, and lay Catholics are flawed. The faith and truth stands.

Now this is the same faith and truth that has been shaped and defined and worked over for millennia by popes, bishops, and lay persons with power and sway. So her concept of the church somehow lives outside of all of this?

Is it a book?  Is it a way?  Is it culture?  What is this thing called Catholic?

Does her wonderful concept includes denying choice to women, denying birth control, and numerous other expectations. And is that okay? Is it what is and has always been right? Is some of it wrong? But she knows to pass through the false truths to the true truths? Do any of these ideas and dictates matter?  Is this faith beyond that?

Then what's left? What is there more substantive then a self constructed idea?  An imaginary friend?  Hope?

And what is left for those kids that have been given over to be abused and silenced for ages now?  Hope?

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