Thursday, April 15, 2010

Star Wars Uncut?

I am not one for the usual crapping on of Star Wars, the newer stuff. I like Star Wars, all of it. I just am not all that picky. If I enjoy watching and losing myself in that world I have loved since I was wee, great.

So when people beat on it, recut it, reedit, etc. I am just unimpressed. Now, I have seen a couple of short reworking of scenes that are beauts, but I still love the old. Maybe I expect too little. But I am happy. And maybe others are too determined to have a result they have over thought...perhaps.

But one reworking I happen to really really love right now is this Star Wars Uncut. It isn't finished, but looks promising. They are taking the original film, and splitting it into 15 second pieces. Then various crafty individuals are remaking those seconds. In animation, claymation, live action, sock puppets, whatever. So it is a labor of wit and love. And just darn cute.

The main site has some parts to watch, and i09 has one extended 4 minute clip. And it will be screened in Copenhagen and then NYC. Here's hoping it gets around.

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