Friday, April 09, 2010

How do we have the strength to bother to try to talk...


What do we do with Reps?  They will say anything.  I know.  I have said this before.  I know.  They have been like this for some many years.  But...really?

Newt: Obama's is the most radical administration in American history

Really?  He's a radical?  With the tax cuts.  With the continuing of your wars.  With the attempts to compromise and work with you.  He's the radical?  I thought he was a bit of a historian?  Guess not.

They don't even listen to what they are saying anymore!  They just spout crap.

But the sickest part is how people eat it up, without a thought, without consideration.

America needs to grow up.  Republicans are a bad influence.  You got to stop hanging out with them, listening to them, and believing there lies.

Taking breath.

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