Friday, October 26, 2012

Ann Coulter jokes, being a dick to transgender.

I feel I should have talked on this sooner, in regards to some jokes. And, frankly, it is one of a number of areas where the issue needs to be taken up. (And, I don't know, it may be NSFW as I am not too kind in my words.)

Ann Coulter.


She is a nasty piece of work.

She throws out hate so easily. At Muslims  At blacks. At liberals. At foreigners. At women.

She has no qualms. She is loathsome in how eagerly she leaps to engage in her rhetoric.

And, as some have said, she may honestly believe none of it. Just a mercenary that is trying to keep her bank account brimming.


But, let me introduce you to some other people.

There are some cross dressers.

These are some transgender folk.

They aren't jokes. They are human beings. They are real. They are not punchlines.

There are so many shitty joke about Ann Coulter. About her seeming "mannish," having an odd Adam's Apple, or any of a myriad of similar jokes.

They aren't funny. Don't get me wrong. I know people laugh at them. But what are you laughing at? At Ann Coulter? Yes, maybe.

But, what you cannot breakout of your tittering, is that you are mocking the transgendered community (I am not great on terminology. So their be a more preferred term.) as well. Every joke about how Coulter, or another person seems to not be of the sex they are presenting, is about how weird being transgendered is. It is about how people who look different are wrong. It is about how being something other than plainly manly or plainly feminine makes you ripe to be bullied and harassed.

It makes the joke teller an asshole. When you tell a joke about Ann Coulter, or anyone, being mannish (or those presenting as men), you are the asshole.

Add to this that their is no reason to believe she is even transgendered. It is just fucking over transgender people to get at Ann Coulter, you dickheads!

As well, this is used too often as a convenient way to attack women, ridicule how they look to shut down whatever they're saying. It is an easy and popular tool for misogynist to use to do harm. Why would you want to pick it up and use it?

There is SO MUCH wrong with Coulter, her thinking, and her words. To go after a slur that hurts an already put upon subset of society is loathsome in an of itself.

Don't do it. Be better than that. Be better than Ann Coulter.

Do you fucking get my point?


I updated the post a little to reflect that I should be saying transgender, not transgendered.

I have so much to learn in life.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding people. Tip: it's "transgender" not "transgendered". It would be like saying a "lesbianed" woman. Just doesn't work.

And yes, there's so much to make fun of Coulter for - her body shape/style/expression is low brow shit.

The Jaded Skeptic said...

Thank you for the information. I am not always as informed on terms and usage as I'd like.

hilda said...

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