Friday, October 26, 2012

Bible and Gay Rights

The bible is used in many ways to justify a myriad of, sometimes contradictory, ideas. For me, as an atheist, to turn to the bible as justifier of action is mad. But I would like to think most of agree that using it as a sole method to justify any action is, at least, ridiculous. But people often reel in a chance to evoke the bible, or their own holy book.

This video below does a nice job of illustrating the point. On how the bible explains the dire world ending threat of respecting gay rights. Please watch the video to it's end to properly see the problem with the biblical battle cry (from AMERICAblog):

Really have to give props to Rev. Snider.

Anyone who honestly and openly study the bible, and its history, should appreciate the precarious validity in trying to use the bible as a tool to justify intolerance or war. Those that have used their faith and holy works to push hate, intolerance, and abuse have bitten their faithful antecedents in the ass. History is NEVER kind to those that think a pulpit and a bible will make their hate eternally validated. Slavery. Segregation. That is just the tip of a massive iceberg of hate and intolerance that has been cried out for at a pulpit. And the congregants said, "Amen." Too often it has been a safe place, with conservative thinking holy men ready to validate the status quo and resist change and toleration of others.

Just look these days at the Catholic Church and American Catholics. Most Catholics seem less inclined to embrace the Churches intolerance, control of women, and social conservatism. They vote largely for gay rights and to protect abortion access.

Just remember that, religious reader. When a priest or pastor tells you it's right, good, and godly to hate, remember the history

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