Sunday, October 07, 2012

The long history of GOP opposition to the public good.

As I noted, in a previous post, the GOP has for ages been hostile to public services and government support to services beneficial to us all.

Social security, opposed from the start. Medicare, opposed from the start.

And public broadcasting? President Johnson started a grant to PBS. And under Nixon then moved to cut it. And they've continued the dream of cuts.

And in 1969, Mr. Rogers came to it's defense.

Never mistake it. When Republicans move against Medicare, Social Security, or PBS, it has NOTHING to do with a current fiscal problem, or a new determination. It is something they've felt from the start.

A guarantee of aid to the elderly in need, to the sick in trouble, or a nonprofit source of knowledge of education, these are anathema to conservatism for 100 years.

Yeah, Mitt Romney likes Big Bird. He could make himself a lot of money off hawking and selling him.

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