Saturday, October 13, 2012

Romney and the Flag: A Lesson Mitt Can Teach

Conservatives have for years have made a meal of issues around the American flag. You have to fly it, you have to pin it your lapel, and you have to keep it safe. It is supposed to be a great symbol for the country.

So, when it is deemed to not be used right or mistreated, a stink is made among conservatives. Well, sometimes a stink is made.

You see, when it comes to their candidates the rules get softened...some. But how softly are the examples made of the flag taken? Is there a breaking point?

Mitt Romney is closely tied to the company Bain Capital (I trust we are all plugged in enough to know that.). And Bain has a quite interesting history, to say the least. Today, he owns millions of dollars of Bain still. And, while it can be claimed, he doesn't run it now, he does have sway AND, at a minimum, he has the power to speak truth to moneyed interests (other than himself). And he does not use his voice and status to speak. All of what happens below is the status quo, healthy, normal, and good.

For the moment, the aspect of Bain to be interested is it's control of the business Senata. It builds auto sensors here in the United States. Well, it used to make them here. They now make them in China.

That would be awkward enough. Romney has been eager in his first debate to suggest he knows nothing of this shipping of jobs oversea. He also wanted to talk about creating American jobs. Yet these Americans got the not so nice news they were not wanted as employees. They were given the grim experience of being phased out by the end of...this year. How nice. And added to this, these workers, looking at looming unemployment, were also told they get the honor of training Chinese workers, who would be flown in, to do their jobs...

That is just insulting. 

I understand the business function, transfer the skills, but to phase out your own country's workforce, and then make that workforce prep and ready those replacements...It's just so cold. It's so Mitt Romney.

And this was not a do or die situation for the plant or company, or Bain, or Romney. It was profitable already. It's just it could be more profitable without American workers.

And that's the business way of thinking. Cold. Uncaring. Maximize your numbers. Dump the redundant (workforce). And that is Romney's most positive skill. I do wonder how many supporters of Mitt Romney realize that when he looks at where to cut and what is waste, they aren't given some pass. He'll help out the rich, who he seems as deserving and making best use of the money. And all of us? We get what they decide we deserve. And if we can't pay for a home to live in, can't feed ourselves, can't afford medicine, can't afford to educate out kids, well, those aren't rights. You're lazy. You're undeserving. You lack the capacity to succeed. You're out of luck. Bye bye.

So, back with Sensata, when the time came to begin training, the symbolism of Bain, of shipping jobs overseas, of Mitt Romney was made manifest. The American flag that long hung outside this plant was taken down and placed away. As long as they were training the Chinese workforce, no flag would fly.

And this is the corporate vision of America, conservatives. No flags of nations are relevant, be it American, China, Malaysia, India, etc. Corporations don't care. American workers. Chinese workers. What's the difference? Who cares? Who can I pay less to use up and spit out. That is how Mitt Romney made the bulk of his vast wealth.

And now, he's convinced a sizable number of Americans that he'd casually chew up and spit out that he's got the answer, that he knows the way back. He doesn't. He knows how to make the rich happy. And that is making a profit for the few, and that comes from paying each and every one of us as little as possible. A nation with no unions to unite us to watch each others backs. No regulation to keep us safe and healthy. No minimum wage or rules on hours, which keep us from sliding back into some real life nightmare of Charles Dickens or Upton Sinclair.

Romney is just a guy that gives a big presentation, makes a splash, throws out big promises, then skulks out the back with a nice check.



He's the one who that pulls down the flag because there's more money in that, then letting ever wave.

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