Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Can you vote yet?

Following on a earlier post, I am going back into TPM's handy chart to remind you all of the opening of voting in many states, as of today.

Remember. These are places just starting voting. Where you are may have already started accepting votes before now. So check.

As of October 17th (And since the 13th):

No fault absentee voting has started in:

  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Nevada
In person early voting has started in:

  • Kansas
  • Nevada - This begins OCTOBER 20th.
  • North Carolina - This begins OCTOBER 18th.

For next week, October 22nd - 28th:

In person early voting starts:

  • Alaska - Starts the 22nd.
  • Arkansas - Starts the 22nd.
  • Colorado - Starts the 22nd.
  • District of Columbia - Starts the 22nd.
  • Florida - Starts the 27th.
  • Hawaii - Starts the 23rd.
  • Illinois - Starts the 22nd.
  • Louisiana - Starts the 23rd.
  • Maryland - Starts the 27th.
  • North Dakota - Starts the 22nd.
  • Texas - Starts the 22nd.
  • Utah - Starts the 23rd.
  • West Virginia - Starts the 24th.
  • Wisconsin - Starts the 22nd.

No fault absentee request deadlines:

  • Arizona - Ends on October 26th.
  • Indiana - Ends on October 29th.

As I said before, with games people are playing, court cases abound, and human error, please check on where you live to verify if you can vote.

Then vote.

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