Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Another DC Comics show coming. A Golden Age hero...No, not her. *UPDATED*

Word is out that we will be seeing ANOTHER hero get a shot at coming to Live Action TV. ...No, it's still not Wonder Woman. Or, other interesting female heroes...

Barbara is not amused.
Issue 29 - Guy Davis, Matt Wagner,
Steven T. Seagle
It's Hourman! ...You all know him, right? Heck, I'll be honest when I first read about him getting a show, for some reason, I read it as the Sandman. And that got me a little excited (Particularly if they were using Sandman Mystery Theatre as a basis. Wesley Dodd. Driven by nightmare to fight crime. And then you could have an awesome Dian Belmont.) But, no, it's Hourman. The hero with the hour of power...think Underdog, or that one Bugs Bunny cartoon with the magic carrots.

And which Hourman?

Rex Tyler?

Rick Tyler?
Android from the Future?

The basic idea for Hourman (Let's just skip the variation of powers, how the powers are activated, and their downsides) is that he created the Miraclo vitamin pill. When he takes the pill he suddenly has strength up towards the levels of Golden Age Superman, great speed, and increased resistance to physical harm.

But the effect only lasts an hour. And then he returns to normal. Generally it was not possible to take a pill more than once a day. But there were times he was written to take multiple pills over an issue of his book.

Manhunter - Birds of Prey # 117
There is nothing wrong with bringing this character to life on TV. It could prove to be good TV.

But we've seen they are already moving now on the Flash, Commissioner Gordon, and John Constantine. Each is up for their own show, on different channels. But Wonder Woman is on pause. No one is talking about an Oracle show. No is talking about Renee Montoya as the Question. No is talking Kate Spencer as the D.A. turned Manhunter. Or, Power Girl. Or, Katana (Yes, she is in Beware the Batman, but that's ending and she could translate to Live Action.).

It is clear they are leaving a lot of good characters they are leaving on the table. And it's painfully clear the women aren't even making it to that table.


When you see the addition of an Hourman to the list of heroes possibly appearing on the CW channel. It brings them closer to form something like the Justice Society of America. Two or three more heroes and they could have a team. Granted, they've now introduced Black Canary on Arrow, but they could use more heroines, and/or the could spin off Canary. But, I do still want a Sandman.

Cover by Shawn McManus
And they could do a show between the levels of Constantine and the other hero shows. Dr Fate. Just saying.

You could have Nabu, the source of most of his power trying to take control/force him down certain paths. A show with a hero vying with his own powers, while dealing with apocalyptic dangers. What will destroy the host of Dr. Fate? It's enemies, or it's benefactor?

Cover by Peter Gross
But really I am talking about using Kent Nelson (the original Doctor Fate). And when you have Kent, you have to have Inza Cramer/Nelson around. She started as a foil, who became romantically involved compatriot. And when you have her around you can eventually get an improved Fate.

Cover by Peter Gross
Then maybe she can turn Congress into newts again. That was great.

A guy. A gal. A helmet. It's what we need.

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