Thursday, November 14, 2013

DOCTOR WHO: Before The Day Can Come, The Night of the Doctor Must Fall

We still are waiting for the 50th anniversary event of Doctor Who. It is more than a week away still.

But that doesn't mean there aren't sights to see! Pictures of the show are being released. The trailers are coming out. And...we have a short movie, acting as a prelude to the anniversary.

And it's a prelude that brings back an old face you may have assumed you'd never see again.

Squee! So much nostalgia in this opening to our anniversary!

We return to Karn. We return to the Sisters of the Flame. And, we return to the Time War. The horrible war that destroys all.

But better than all of this we return to the 8th Doctor (played still by Paul McGann). It was a pleasant sight. I had assumed we'd be taken to Matt Smith or John Hurt's Doctors. But no. We go back to the moment things start happening going wrong (Or darkly.). The Doctor, as a Timelord, is feared and hated. And the Doctor has tried to avoid a war he can't bare. But he can no longer stand aside, the outsider.

And I like how they bothered to tie him into his audio book adventures!!!

For those that don't follow that stuff, Big Finish, a producer of a wide array of audio books, has for years been producing audio adventures. It's been going on since well before the return of Doctor Who to TV. They have also regularly turned to the voice work of the people that played the Doctor, and other cast from the show.

Among their stories produced have been the continuing adventures of the 8th Doctor. He'd last been seen in a FOX TV movie back in 1996. It went nowhere, and he was gone. But Big Finish gave us him back. And along the way he made friends and gained new companions.

And, in the short above, before he changes, he gives them all a shout out in remembrance. It was great to see. The short also ties in his changed look and added sonic screwdriver, further cementing the Big Finish stories into the Doctor Who universe. (Whether you like it, or not.)

After all of this time we finally get to see how McGann's Doctor meets him end. Not the most grand death. But he wasn't conked on the head or gun down by a gang either. He was trying to save a life that he learns feared him more than eminent death. It's a little tragic. And it sets him on his path to change.

Also, it's interesting to see that when he becomes John Hurt's Doctor (the War Doctor), he is young. How long on bloody will his Doctor's era be. (Granted we won't see most all of it...Unless they start putting out Big Finish audios and/or BBC books.)

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