Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Horror Of..Addams Family Values, In Short

It's Thanksgiving, and what's better to watch then the Addams Family? Come on! Family. Fun. The promise of death.

Ah the sequel to the 1991 movie. The first movie was a fun experience. It did remake the old televison series, but unlike some other movie remakes, it successfully brought the ideas back to life and enhanced the earlier work by incorporating in more of Charles Addams (the creator of the Addams Family in published cartoons) ideas.

The sequel brings back the family.

Gomez and Morticia

Uncle Fester

Wednesday and Pugsley


and, Lurch (...Thing is somewhere around here to.)

The main plot of the story is about the Addams welcoming a new member.

And, about Fester finding love.

But, really, what we all come for is the B-Plot. Wednesday and Pugsley go to Summer Camp.

There, Wednesday struggle against the Man.

Then she takes over and stages an epic retelling of the Thanksgiving story.

 There will be blood.

 So enjoy.

And if you don't want to wait to pull out the movie.

Here's the best part.

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