Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trailers in Short - Sherlock, Noah', and some more Doctor Who

Time for some more trailers. It's almost time for the return of Sherlock. Will the Ark float? And the day of the doctor may have passed, but what of the Christmas of the Doctor(s)?


It's almost time for Sherlock to return. And Watson has a mustache? Maybe that's why Sherlock took his time coming back, having second thoughts. But I'm ready for it to be back.

Noah('s Ark)

Noah's Ark...Have I ever seen this story done in a way that didn't make me laugh? And watching this trailer isn't help the snerking streak. We have Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Ray Winston. So it's not a weak cast. But it's Noah' Ark, and that is what people will call it.

The only thing that makes it possibly interesting is that they are telling the story as it really is, a disaster epic. The world is doomed. But one man has the vision to save his family. And then an army comes to attack them... As it is, the story of Noah is very silly and incredibly far fetched. I suppose we'll see if they can make the story even remotely sensible (or if they will go bibically accurate -- as not all animals were taken in pairs). Not holding my breath. I expect. like older versions, we'll see Noah release llamas and grizzlies, who will then find their own way home.

Time will tell which type of bad this movie will be.

and finally...

Doctor Who

Oh, the fun isn't over this year.

Coming this Christmas...

Time to go to Trenzalore. Time to face the place the Doctor has come in his life. His last life. His greatest enemies come together again, at the cemetery of his futures. But is a Christmas miracle in the works (That's a Gallifreyan thing, right?)?

And some more clips made for the Adventure in Time and Space docudrama.

The first scenes shot on the TARDIS set.

The Farewell from the end of "The Dalek Invasion of Earth".

The regeneration.

And, a Christmas greeting from the Doctor, just like it was done way back in the 60's.

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