Friday, November 01, 2013

The Horror Of...Return of the Killer Tomatoes, In Short

Halloween is over. So some of you are probably eager to get over pumpkins (Weirdos). What better way to do that than with tomatoes. Terrible tomatoes! And, a ridiculous movie.

It's a 1988 movie that knows what it is, and takes nothing about itself seriously. From beginning to end it hopes you will join in the laughing.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes

This movie follows 10 years after the events of first movie when there was an...attack of the Killer Tomatoes. (The names of these two movies are pretty apt.) And the world has been changed.

It's an America where the tomato is banned contraband. And, pizza are mad things that not even Domino's Pizza would dare. (People! Have you not heard of Alfredo or Pesto?)

And in this world, a mad scientist has come up with a plan to guarantee that, at last, the tomatoes will be victorious. And, part of this plan involves the tomatoes taking human form. And it falls to two guys working at a pizza parlor to save everyone.

It is a ridiculous and amusing movie. Though it is also very much of it's time and it's sort of B-Movie, with it's attitudes about women. But if you can get passed this, it is a treat.

From it's willingness to mock the movie making, and comment on how it was changing...

to it's silly battles, ...

...Have I mentioned how ridiculous this movie is?

And if they isn't enough of a temptation, then we have a cast that includes...

John Astin, as a mad scientist.

George Clooney as a smarmy guy desperate to attract women. (Yes, one of these two men is stretching their acting chops.)
And also Fuzzy Tomato as FT.

Can you survive the when the tomatoes make their move against us, again?  You'll have to see.

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