Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trailers in Short: Almost Human, The Day of the Doctor, and The Hobbit 2 (Plus Rifftrax Bonus)

Time for more trailers. Two new shows (Okay, one is a special.) and one new sequel. (Plus a mention of Rifftrax.) Thankfully, they are all good news, as I am actually looking forward to all of them.

Almost Human

Why do I want to like this show? Oh, right. Karl Urban. I want Karl Urban everywhere. And here, playing a grumpy cop with issues is great. I can't have more Judge Dredd, but this could be an adequate replacement. And his robotic partner seems to be a character I can come to enjoy as well. It will be interesting to see how they want to address existing as a robotic sentient tool that can just be scrapped. (Also, adding in Mackenzie Crook doesn't hurt.) I hope the show does prove to be as interesting and amusing as it's press makes it look.

I definitely hope people will be giving this show a shot. Plus, it has a two-night premiere, meaning it will be concluding on the same night Sleepy Hollow is on. Bonus!

Also, here's another trailer for the show. The Ro-Bromance line would almost make me want to hate the show, but I blame the ad people. I add it here for the scene at 1 minute 10 seconds. It nicely delineates the characters, and how badly Karl Urban's character socializes.

Here's the Behind the Scene, if you want more.

The Day of the Doctor

As should be obvious, I am excited for this. I with the callback joke from the story, "The Three Doctors", you realize that is in part what we will be getting, though they want the events to tie more directly into the Doctor's life. Still, it look like it will be some raucous fun. (Even with Rose there. But Moffat may actually put her to good use and impress me. I'll reserve judgement.)

And a short has also been released to give a taste of what is to come. Enjoy it, and lament.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I have touched on this before in other Trailers in Short, but...It's The Hobbit, man! Our story continues here, and in this trailer I really do love that they make use of more of Tolkein's poetry from the book. This time "The King Beneath The Mountain". It sets a mood of hope and doom, just as the poem does in the story. Danger rises. The Hobbit and the dwarves enter the mountain at last, but at what cost will this quest finally end? Giant spiders in the trees. Armies on the march. A dragon shall rise. And Thorin must face the demons that consumed his kin, and see if he can escape them.

Also, they are putting out more production diaries.

Rifftrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Ah, Rifftrax. It is a worthwhile experience to enjoy riffing with a large audience. It almost makes it odd to watch most of the Rifftrax (or MST3K and Cinematic Titanic) at home alone. People should check it out once, at least.

This Christmas season the Riff Team come back to this classic movie. It's been riffed by everyone, and been a standard for many Horror Host shows. As a result it's like the classic shared bad joke. We know it's bad. So we all can groan and laugh together at it.

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