Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Fall!

It is that time of year! The leaves are starting to turn. Those sunny and warm days we did have this summer are shifting to being cooler. The birds are getting antsy and stocking up for a trip.

It's Fall.


Sleepy Hollow (S2) - Episode 1 - This is War - "We're getting the band back together."

Here we go back in again. Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow. A strange enough show idea, but it worked some magic on us all.

After last season we've all been left pondering just what the answer was to freeing Abbie and Ichabod. It's time to see what the answer is to that.

So let's see why "This is War". ...Other than the obvious reasons.

The Horror of Scheduling,...October?

Ah! Well the last writing plan did not go well.

...Yeah. Something like that.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Gotham - What to see in Episode 1

Gotham started to last week in much the way you'd imagine. Along the way we were introduced a lot of sights tried to Batman and Gotham lore.

Gotham City

The skyline of Gotham is hard not to race to. As a fan it is always a pleasure to see the city represented.

The looming buldings of wealthy and power.

The lesser structures most of the citizens live. It is beautifully shoot.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thor meets MST3K, and it's Railing Kill-tastic

Came across this and it is too much of a joy not to share. Thor melded with the riffing from MST3K's viewing of Space Mutiny.

Thor truly is the Brick Hardmeat of his generation.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Trailers In Short - Horror TV Edition

Horror on TV...Okay I have to be honest. I had others shows to talk about, but I was delayed in releasing this post...

So, hey, let's look at a not that new new show, Spooked? (Okay, and also something special afterwards.)


Spooked seems like a fun online comedy show. It seems to have some familiar and unfamiliar faces tied to it. Together they look like they create a humorous collection. Their group, PIT, chases down paranormal phenomenon to study and help people. ...You know, like most paranormal shows on cable these days...Except it's actually trying to be funny.

The series seems like an excellent option for this October. It should be something to scare you and then make you laugh, at night on your own, or with your friends around.

Check  it out.

And here's episode 1, for your perusal.

Episode 1

Currently their are 4 episodes and some bonus video available from Spooked via Geek and Sundry.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Trailers in Short - Bit Of Horror With Your Coffee Edition

Time for some horror, right? Good. Plenty of horror movies are coming out, in the US and around the world. From Blood Glaciers to Camp Dread to Goal of the Dead to My Fair Zombie. 6 horror trailers to sate you for the day.

...I got to be honest. Maybe it's some of these movie trailers, or maybe it's me. But rewatching and looking at some of them, you can see why you'll likely never fear about some of them again. ...It is me, isn't it. Grump. Grump.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trailers in Short - TV Heroes Make a Return Edition

Time for some heroes on the old TV. Will the Arrow hit the mark? Will the 1960's Batman drain my back account?

Arrow - Season 3

Some have laughed at the show. Others have grown to actually love the show. Arrow is one of those shows that is on an interesting path. They want to tell the tale of Oliver Queen in their own way. A man on a mission who grows into the role of a hero over many dangers, obstacles, and enemies.

It also has a love of making use of a rather unbelievable past. Queen spent quite some time of that island alone. But not. We've gotten the story of a far more bizarre truth of what has honed Queen, and what is coming from that past to haunt him again.

It's not for everyone. But for fans it can be fun. And this year they begin expanding the boundaries with the start of The Flash. Metahumans are now on the table for Arrow to face.

And, it looks like we'll be seeing Ra's al Ghul emerge. And Ray Palmer! (There's even a rumor that Ted Kord could be involved.)

It's interesting to see a second area where DC Comics is allowing the DC Universe's characters to start flourishing. Maybe if the Supergirl and Teen Titans shows make it to air they will be allowed to connect? It will be interesting if, when the Dawn of Justice is done, they plan on connecting the movies to the shows. We'll just have to see.

Classic Batman

It's taken far too long for this show to get onto ANY media format, besides TV repeats. But it' finally come.

What else can you say? Flippin' heck, Boy Wonder.

Now I need a fiendish plan to earn the money to afford 3 seasons of a show on Blu Ray. Hoo! Hoo! How delightful, my malodorous motley meandering readers.

Sleepy Hollow Review - Episode 13 - Bad Blood - "Ichabod Crane. You are the father!"

There's been a distinct lack of indefatigable black leading ladies, anachronistic spies, and headless people in my life lately. What would help with that?

Oh, yeah the finale of Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow. (At long last, right?) The last episode was the first part of a two-hour finale. And the two episodes go together well enough. But I decided to divide the reviews by the episode breaks. Just a breather before we enter this last hour, when everything will go to heck...What am I writing? Things will be literally going to Hell.

Let's check out some "Bad Blood".

"Wait. Which universe am I in right
Everyone is stressed out after the last episode. They need to figure out their next step (Though it's obvious Ichabod has some ideas of his own.). Ichabod goes for a walk to consider what is at risk. As he does he has a surreal time.

"...And you? You're wearing that rifle on the wrong shoulder."
It almost seems he's stepped back in time, and is in the war. Is it a dream? Well, he thinks it is at first. And apparently his dreams are a place where he constantly gets to correct people.

A Dog's Duty Is Never Done, And For Once Not A Pun.

This is a cute little video from KLM in Amsterdam. It's about their service for returning lost items to owners, via cute doggies. I don't know if this is mostly for humor and promotion, or if it's actually something they have working. But I do know it is too cute to not watch.

Always another lost doll to return to a little kid. But when the day is done they need a little nap and a light snack.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gotham Begins, But Do We Watch?

It's almost upon us. Gotham is about to have it's premiere episode.

It has been the point of a lot of speculation since it was announced. Mostly, we knew it would be a Commissioner Gordon-centric show. Then it was made clear that we wouldn't be getting any Batman in the show.

A lot of people were indignant about the idea. Why do a Gotham City show without the Bat? Well, how a police department deals with super criminals, mass corruption, mobs, and Arkham's Most Wanted. But what about Batman?

He isn't necessary. Tales of Gotham police have proven potent already. Books not centered on Batman have worked. But their is that craving.

Sleepy Hollow Review - Episode 12 - Indispensable Man - "Zombie Washington sends his regards."

With a short delay...we continue towards the end of the first season of Sleepy Hollow. Who will live? Who will die? Who will tell Ichabod that anything on FOX News isn't meant to be taken as a factual statement?

Anyway, let's go and find ourselves an "Indispensable Man".

"It is possible that I may have appeared in The Time Machine."
As this episode progresses, the events of the last episode hang heavy over one character in particular, Captain Irving. The rest of the law enforcement community have a lot of questions for him. And, no, "the devil made me do it" isn't going to fix this.

But we know now that it seems like Ramirez is alive. How alive isn't clear. But the deaths we saw seem to be the only ones.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello, I may be having to maybe be going. The Scottish Referendum

Original Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA
Tonight the votes are in on a major question in United Kingdom History.
Should Scotland stay within the U.K.? Or should it go it alone?
There has always been a dislike with being part of the British experience up North. The history has been martial, brutal, and bloody. (Ah, England.) But, for the most part, it has seemed the rank and file of Scotland have accepted their position, and had their impact on the U.K. Some have chaffed at being in the union, but most have embraced it.
At this point in the night it seems that, barring a surprise showing in the last 15 declarations, the answer from Scotland should be No. But it looks like it won't be a clear refusal of leaving the United Kingdom. Likely it will be in the 50% range. Close.

That isn't a resounding call for union. More a disgruntled call.

From all I've heard, up to a year or so ago, this wasn't even a concern. But the last years of conservative governance in the United Kingdom have been damaging. Damaging to the Scottish ties, and damaging to the nation's infrastructure.

Austerity. You may heard mention of the term here in the United States, but I first heard this buzzword from the likes of Prime Minister David Cameron. It's meant slashes the National Health Service (NHS). It's meant the privatizing of mail service. It's meant cutting and cutting of service. Cameron has gone with a gusto after social support and government services.

This has ticked off many in England. It's damn well pissed off many in Scotland. Scotland has long since set up it's own parliament for certain matters. But the Westminster set has been of value. Cameron has been dismantling that value. Some have made it clear that when the NHS was slashed, it was a breaking point.

In the last year the support for independence rose.

As a result Cameron, and other politicians, began an offensive. They were like jilted lover. Flowers. Sweet words.

But, as we all love, Scotland wanted presents. So promises of change have been made. More support. More power for the Scottish Parliament. The power to tax. Protection for the NHS in Scotland.

There have also been threats. Like a promise that the British Pound would be withdrawn from Scotland.

Over the last months the polling has been moving to balance out as a split. Perhaps these promises will make the difference. Perhaps it was always going to come down to a close No.

A historic schism of the U.K. is not likely now. But, if promises are kept, a historically more independent and empowered Scotland will continue within the U.K.

And if changes aren't coming for Scotland and national services, there can always be another referendum.