Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Count Floyd

Count Floyd is always up to try and bring some terror to your Halloween. It's not his fault he doesn't get to pick the films he shows.

True this is a character sketch from SCTV, but Floyd always represented that classic horror host and Creature Feature show. Often the host was someone that worked other jobs at a station, and they ran with what movies they had on hand.

In his case Count Floyd is Floyd Robertson, one of the anchors of SCTV's news show. He's played by the always energetic and fun Joe Flaherty.

Floyd was trying to put on a show, and have fun as the "dark" count. But the producers of his show could never really get their hands on decent horror movies for him to amp up his show, instead usually getting a line of weird or boring movies. And the station crew were constantly walking on set and working while he was trying to play his character and engage the kids at home watching.

But Count Floyd keeps trying to keep and maintain the feel.

Let's see some of the count's most horrifying film choices.

Dr. Tongue's The House of Cats

Madame Blitzman - Part 1

Whispers of the Wolf

Blood Sucking Monkeys from West Mifflin PA!

Madame Blitzman - Part 2

Tip O'Neill's 3D House of Representatives

* For some reason this video seems to come and go. The Vimeo link will take you to it to see.

Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes

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