Friday, October 30, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Theatrical Dracula

If you are reading my blog you know that Dracula was quickly translated from book to stage. Bram Stoker than Hamilton Deane than John Balderston. Out of this we met Bela Lugosi.

The stage show has continued on since then, going from theater to theater. Many crews and actors have come to Seward's Sanitorium. And many Draculas have entered the scene.

With revivals in the 70's, helped by the artistic efforts of Edward Gorey, Dracula made a resurgence. And more actors of note played that role. Enjoy.

Frank Langella took on the role. And this lead to him starring in the 1979 Dracula.

And he wasn't alone, obviously. But who else took on this role in the US and abroad? [Not to slight anyone else that's played the role on major stages, at colleges, or locally. I've loved your work when I've seen it. But we're looking at some famous actors tonight.]

Jeremy Brett, who many of us dearly loved as Sherlock Holmes.

Martin Landau. Even before Ed Woods made in Bela Lugosi, he was already Dracula.

Raul Julia, as the hippest Dracula around. Swish it!

Even Terence Stamp. Kneel before Dracul!

Who knows who will next appear on stage as the dastardly count, and go on to thrill us in larger venues?

Also, can you name anyone else of note?

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