Sunday, October 04, 2015

Trailers In Short - Time for some SPO-OO-OKINESS.

October means horror. Granted so does December and any other month. But we do expect the entertainment industry to put up a bit extra effort.

So why are there Christmas themed horror movies popping up? Damn it, Commercialism!

Today we have A Christmas Horror Story, Krampus, The Hallow, Blood Sucking Bastards, and Crimson Peak.

A Christmas Horror Story

This one has a least a cameo of sorts from William Shatner. Bonus!

But we also get Santa and...zombie elves? I am still with this. And the Krampus, of course. It's becoming pretty ubiquitous. To an extent it feels like a movie made by people that are fans of a lot of the older silly Christmas horror, like Santa Slay, Two Front Teeth, and Elves.

This also have a real feeling like the fake trailers that pop up. But I am seeing some plenty Canadian actors that I enjoy, so I'd like to be hopeful about this being...something.

And I would enjoy watching a month or so.


Sure. Adam Scott and the Krampus. ...I will be so much more into this stuff come November. Thanksgiving rarely gives us any good horror movies. So I'll be ready to start bypassing that holiday. I just don't need the Christmas music right now. (Yet parts of the local superstore thinks constant Christmas music is awesome right now...

Krampus. The Krampus is drawn to the house and then all Hell breaks loose.

Neither of these  movies is on par with Rare Exports. Just sayin'.

But back to the more season appropriate fare.

The Hallow

The fairies and changelings are coming. When you enter their domain, they return the favor. Seems they want to play with some of the lore of fairies, before they became all wings and wishes.

It's hard to tell her is the fairies will work, or if it will rely to much on jump scares, but a British "You shouldn't have left your big city" story may proves to be a fun excursion.

Blood Sucking Bastards

At the start of the trailer I was leery, but as it goes on it does show some more amusing promise. Still, I'd go first for Netherbeast Incorporated any day. Of course in this one we are supposed to hate on the vampires, and I am guessing we are going to get a Boiler Room vibe to start.

And this trailer gets extra points for pointing out how stupid it is to think you could stake a vampire with a pencil.

And now the main feature...

Crimson Peak

Oh, lord. Ghosts. Gothic. Del Toro. Tom Hiddleston. Will we survive such an experience?

Guess it depends how good it actually is. With a living haunted house, living people who seem to entombed in their past, it seems the mood is set for a Mid-October horror treat.

The pace and a style look wonderful in this film. While we seem to have a good deal of CGI on display, Del Toro is a deft director and creative force. In a cheaper and more rushed movie I would worry about jump scares and excessive nonsense.

I just am trusting for now that Del Toro is not going to have instead dropped a trick in our candy bags.

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