Saturday, October 24, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Friday the 13th Part 3

No this isn't a review of Jason's second trip to summer camp (Or is it the third if you count the flashbacks?). Rather let's just take a moment to enjoy a taste of the 80's. A Disco...ish opening theme. And the effort to do some 3D credits. Oh, yeah.

You can move to it, you can run from it, but you'll never escape it.

Whether or not you ever see this movie, you need to feel the 80's glory in this opening title sequence.

Of course there is another part of this movie you should also revel in. Partake in the wonder of Crispin Glover dancing.

Can't you imagine him groving to that opeing?

Masks. Machettes. Moms. Oh, no. Music. It's all about that music.

Enjoy that opening music as you prep for your Halloween.

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