Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Web Series

Come Halloween night, we all want something fun or interesting  to watch. Going online offers various options. So it's time to update the list from last year.

Here are some:


It takes the 18th century novella and moves it to a college setting. When I first covered it, only the first series was done. It currently has three series.

Series 1
Series 2
Series 0


A group of young women find themselves suddenly with great power, and a whole set of issues to deal with. They currently have 1 series. Great new series,


It follows a group of amateur paranormal investigators seeking out evidence of a world beyond, for a number of reason. It has a nice cast, some of whom you may remember from other series. So far we just have the one series.

Victoria Frankenstein, M.D.

The story of Frankenstein. Victoria Frankenstein. The series works a lot like Carmilla, with the characters creating vlogs that help continue the tale. It takes Frankenstein into the modern age. Live the classic tale once again.

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