Sunday, October 25, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Horror Documentaries

Horror movies are always a treat. At Halloween they become a necessity. But sometimes it's nice to learn more about the history and experience that creates those movies that haunt our memories.

Spend some time learning more about horror classics of the 70's and 80's

In 1978, John Carpenter got a chance to make a mark on Halloween with a slasher killer with his simple name. Michael Meyers. Working his way through teenagers and adults, focused on his target. A tense and fun movie experience.


Following Halloween, Carpenter struck upon another intriguing tale to tell. One of ghostly vengeance and pirates. A story where the forces at work are vast and untouchable as the fog.

The Fog

John Carpenter would move from a sunny coastline to the frozen wastes, and an alien menace who struck with subtle and gory decimation. Grab your parka and flame thrower.

The Thing

While Michael was establishing himself in Haddonfield, Crystal Lake was forging it's own horrible legend. A somewhat different tale at it's start, but the bloody destruction and camp are unmistakable. Don't turn your back when you go into the forest, or something may be plunged in.

Friday the 13th

Then in Springfield, Freddy Krueger emerged from nightmares. Wes Craven turned our dreams into the place you fled. But to all, sleep must come. And he got to kill off Johnny Depp.

Nightmare on Elm Street

TCM is the older of these movies. And it gives us a distinctive figure in Leatherface. But it never has struck audiences in the same way that the other horror icons have. Thankfully it's fans always give this work the due it deserves.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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