Thursday, October 01, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Universal Monsters

While many people and studios have had there impact on cinematic horror, Universal Studios has a long pedigree.

The 1930's began a line of films that help shape horror in many ways still. Black and white. Dark moors and forest. Angry villagers with their torches. "Good evening." "It's alive!" "Even a good man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when..."

And even back then we soon would find crossovers and a cinematic universe.

We even got to some weird crossovers (though these are with Embassy Pictures).

Westerns were getting to be in demand...When interest in superheroes wane, who will they be mashed up with? Heck, maybe Marvel Zombies is more likely to be made than we realize.

But I've discussed much of my love of these Universal Horror films already.

FYI. We're getting a double feature in theaters this Halloween. Both versions of the 1931 Dracula. (English Language and Spanish Language. And back then that meant two different cast on the same sets.)

Like I needed a kick to the backside to know that I needed to continue my look at Dracula and Bela Lugosi's in building our view of the character.

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