Monday, September 28, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Cats

Cats do I have there ties to the season. Of course they aren't for the best of reasons.

"Fear me!"

With this time of year and it's ties to tales and legends of dark forces, the dead rising, and the midnight hour, witches has been regularly entwined with the holiday. It's one of the basic choices for costumes, decoration, and stories to tell.

"Don't mind me. I'm just calling a...friend."

And the cat was sadly ported along with the witch into our view of Halloween. Sad because it's ties to the witch come from those ancient fears of devil's familiars, shape changing fiends, and just creatures that do the bidding of Satan.

You know. This guy!

'I don't care for the candy, but I am loving this hat."

Cats, particularly black ones, were quick to get blame. The Black Death. Infants in cribs. It was quite a fall from the days of being a deity...Or feasting of gazelle for that matter.

Still this day cats seem to remain a target of suspicion, though I am not sure how many actually act on there fears still. But plenty of cats are in shelters in need of family and home. If you are inclined, capable, and ready, maybe consider helping one out.

"This pumpkin was a friend of mine. It shall be avenged."

Then you can strive to be a downright positronic cat person.

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