Monday, September 14, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With LEGO Minifigs

Oh I do love LEGO. And these days they sell individual minifigures series. The current one that just came out is one with a horror/Halloween vibe. Mad scientist. Zombies. Ghosts. Etc.

Just in time for Halloween. I have begun the quest to acquire them all. Madness will follow.


There usually isn't much of a theme to these series, though the last one was an all Simpsons series. But getting a nice horror run is a blast. But I always want more. But these will be put to good use.

The Cat Woman will make a nice stand in for the character of Cheetah, seeing as LEGO has yet to release any Wonder Woman villains yet. (Come on! You use Cheetah in the Direct to Video LEGO movies!)

I always welcome more zombies to build my horde. And more werewolves is great, as is a variation on Frankenstein's Monster. The bigfoot is cute with it's camera. I have to have put it with my Mulder and Scully. The mad scientist body will have a use in the mad science lab I'm trying to put together (Along with Frank.). The gargoyles will needed on any rooftop I place Batman on. And the ghost may have to meet up with my Ghostbusters.

Skeleton costume suggest a lot of ideas, from a Karate Kid scene, Supervillain lackeys, or...that head has a creepy vibe. I could use it on a more LEGO body and have it in a city set, like a scene out of Halloween.

And that Spider Lady...keeps making me of Arachnia from Star Trek: Voyager. I admit it! Janeway. But also the fig gives off a fun horror host vibe, like Elvira. I may have to think how to use it like that.

The others not shown, like the man in a plant costume could work great as a creation of Poison Ivy. The witch...I always can use more. And the Fly Man...I'll find a use.

LEGO madness. It's a lot like Halloween madness. You can't escape it...

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