Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Dr. Gangrene

As we get to almost a week to October, we need to more Horror Hosts.


So, let's see what we have...

Ah, the enjoyable genius of Dr. Gangrere.

The doctor came into being in 1999. He is the inspiration of Larry Underwood of Tennessee. He was looking to follow in the footsteps of the regions earlier horror hosts. (Wherever you live, look into what the horror legacy is, and where it stands these days.)

His show, Chiller Cinema (later it would be called Creature Feature), started out in Hendersonville, Tennessee. From there it expanded to Nashville. And from there, it moved into public access syndication around the United States.

Syndication has been useful in getting horror hosts around the country, and between that and public access making heavy use of online streaming has helped me catch many of these hosts and shows. Sadly, I don't have any real public access channels in my area, so it's hard to catch any horror hosting. So Gangrene's shows was one of the many surprises I found.

And having a show host from the South is a treat, as many of them I catch are from California and New England. So I like some representation.

Here's a taste of Dr. Gangrene from one of the PSA's he created several years back. Leash your wolfman!

Another treat from Dr. Gangrene is the crossover special he did with  my favorite, Penny Dreadful. 

Occasionally, online reviewers do crossovers between reviewers. And those can be quite fun. Horror Hosts also get up to these shenanigans as well. In this one, science and magic need to combine forces to save Halloween.

Presently he's doing a series, The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price.

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