Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Sad Pets

Holidays can be rough on pets. The home gets a makeover. Strangers come in. Loud Parties. Getting isolated while everyone else is busy. But is that worse?


It's terrible costumes. Bunny costumes. Elf costumes. Pilgrim costumes. It's horror story. Then comes Halloween with a range of looks from Batman to Yoda to Freddy Pooger.

Still, some good promotion can sell you on the idea. The happy pup (You never see a happy cat.) looking ready to wield the dark side of the Force.

And then you have the occasional costume packaging that manages to show you the look your dog will really give you.


I have no idea who thought this was the ideal picture to use. That's judgment and sadness. Usually you wait until they pant, so they look like they're smiling. Like this.

Now dogs in a home want to be in on "it". They like being included. But that usually means having a function that makes sense, or getting treats, or bully rubs.

This is what any costume is to a dog.


A bizarre punishment and slog.

The trouble with us smarter and savvier owners is that when we imagine costuming, we conjure this.

"I find your lack of treats disturbing."
It's near impossible to resist. So let's take it easy on our pals, and not overdo it. Know their limits.

For one more example, look at this pairs eyes, as they sit in costumes.

And cats aren't in love with the idea of constraining clothing either.

"I'm a little devil, but you'll learn more about that when you check your

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