Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Tales From The Darkside

As October gets ever closer there are certain things that can so nicely get the hair on the back of the neck stand frightened. Among them is the delightfully terrible Tales from the Darkside.

Now I have touched on the 1990 movie based off this horror anthology series. But the series itself had something all it's own. That opening.

The notes of the sound build slowly and omninously. The voice over kicks in. And the world flips on us.

When I was younger, just the sound of the show starting would creep me out. It easily helped set a mood.

And it still does. Like the soundtrack to Halloween it so easily takes you along.

For a little added fun, let's take a trip back to a classic story from the series. One involving Christian Slater (who also appeared in the movie), Eddie Bracken, and Brent Spiner (Back before Star Trek The Next Generation, when he was still using that Southern accent of his in heavy rotation.),

As we get closer to Halloween, I may have to pull one of their Halloween based episodes...

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