Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Falling Leaves

Today is the start of Autumn, officially. So how do we celebrate it but with it's more endearing imagery,,,the leaves of the season? Sure.

Every year we see the turm, and even if the calendar say the season isn't here yet, we know. The leaves shift to those autumn colors, which are based off those leaves, and bit by bit they fall, blanketing the land in place of the flowers and crops of Spring and Summer.

What is Fall without the fall? The gliding leaves. The crisp leaves beneath your feet. The sound the leaves scratching against the ground as the wind corrals them.

It was relaxing sounds during the day. Then, if you like walking at night, it gets a little creepy. You walk through the dark, listening to your steps in the leaves, then you hear other sounds.

You aren't the only one disturbing the leaves. It seems like someone is quietly walking just out of sight, meandering yet near. Of course it's just moisture, wind, and the occasional small animal. But when you got an active imagination, it's your fears out there.

Even as the leave pile, they have one last job to spark your dreams. Go get inspired.

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