Thursday, September 17, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Scary Soda Pop

It can be a thirsty time, waiting for Halloween. And obviously our drinks need themes. How else can one live?

I am not talking about booze though, that is not my area. But if you are looking for some discussion of that, I'd try Maven of the Eventide's Pumpktoberfest from last year. All sorts of pumpkin flavored beer, friends, and costumes. Her main site is down right now, but she has the series on YouTube to enjoy.

So instead let's talk about the fizzy drinks. We don't get enough of the horrible variety this time of year, except for any horrible tasting soft drink that we normally get year round. Thanks to the Purple Stuff Podcast, I have heard that once long ago Pepsi did have Crystal Pepsi out in a novelty cover. Invisible Man bandages.

But it feels like we seldom see that type of fun from those companies these days. Mostly it's a matter of some slight changes to the box that holds a pack of pop.

Thankfully we do have at least one company who is producing terrible fun in wide release. Jones Soda. They apparently have odd flavors that have come out for different holiday times. Green Bean, Turkey, etc.

The one I have luck with is there Halloween variety. And the best of that is their Caramel Apple. Ghoulish can. Sweet and tart taste.

It's so good I tried to be sure to have some extra saved up for post-season. (And I still do.)

The other fun thing to do with it is to get gelatin mix, and use it with the soda to make caramel apple gelatin (with a little carbonation in there). I have no idea why Jello has never bothered to have a Fall Season Caramel Apple Jello. It's so obvious. It's so good.

There are other flavors from Jones, but I am just not as fond of them. But I happen to have a can of each left over from last year, and gave them a try to remind myself how they rated.

The Candy Corn soda. It's just creme soda really.

The Red Licorice soda. I mused on this for awhile before realizing it tastes like cherry flavored medicine. No good at all.

The Blood Orange soda. I remembered not caring for this much. But in trying it again I have to admit I've taken to it. If you like blood orange flavor, you may like this. It's not bad.

But Caramel Apple has my heart. ...And I hear Oreo has made a caramel apple cookie...

I really should see what other drinks are out there to enjoy this Halloween season. Down the line maybe I should bring up Ghoul Aid. But I'll have to find some first.

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