Sunday, September 27, 2015

Creeping Up On Halloween With Alice Cooper and his Nightmare

Some suitable music is always necessary for setting the Halloween mood.

There are many good options, from soundtracks to symphonies to some rock. A lovely addition to any Halloween playlist is Alice Cooper.

Welcome to his nightmare.

Alice Cooper has been making his brand of music since the 1960's. He's a singer, musician, and songwriter, Cooper is a person who definitely takes pride on the show product and show he puts on for his fans.

Early on his band, Alice Cooper, was picked up by Frank Zappa to produce some albums. And while they performed before crowds they developed and refined the concept of Shock Rock. Stories grew of his allegedly biting and chickens head off and drinking it's blood. All of this helped create the Alice Cooper legend.

Being a very boring kid, all I knew of Cooper and others of his ilk was the scary imagery. So he was freaky to me. And, like a lot of things, it was a long time before I really heard any of his music, or saw his performance.

Cooper remains a unique figure we should all appreciate. And as Halloween approaches, he deserves some space on whatever drive your playing off of, or wherever you're streaming from.

As we approach Halloween I'll have to include some more Cooper, including his Halloween anthem. Wait and see.

...And we'll also have to discuss Muppets.

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