Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Dark night of the pessimistic dithering.


We march on into the late night here. In the morning the serious voting and tabulating begins. So after all this time, all this money, all this foot leather, all the talking, all the lying, it comes down to...tomorrow.

And I look at the projections.

From TPM:

From 538:

It looks good. It looks optimistic. It looks really good.

But I sit here, like this.

I am always the pessimist at times like this. Things probably won't work out. It was how I was feeling 4 years ago, come tomorrow night. I kind of agreed with Rachel Maddow who was fretting over the states left undeclared as the night went on. Things could turn.

But they didn't.

BUT this year things are tighter. The odds are on Obama's side. Things are trending his way. We are seeing people getting out to early vote.

But, Republicans are so ready to play "games" (CHEAT) to win. Wiping voter rolls, challenging votes, scaring off legit voters. And the misinformation and fear that has been planted and left to fester among conservatives is driving them to be ridiculous nutters. So many of them are raring to go and run the president out of the country. I see so few of them standing up to it, or resisting it.

But they do exist. Their are Republicans that do know better, have seen what this president has done, and want to continue on, even if their party has abandoned them and reason.

But how many?


So I fret. So I wonder, what hopes and what madness will drive people tomorrow as we close out this election.

Will we see ourselves with 4 more years to push forward with the progress we've made? Or will we see all our work torn apart, to make way for a commercial endeavor of some sort?

It falls on the last voters to decide that. We need numbers tomorrow. We need numbers that can make cheating impossible, or irrelevant. We need numbers tomorrow. We need a throng who when a sea of fear rides in, this country's future is buttressed, and it can continue on, on this path Forward.

I am sitting here worrying about what we can do now. It is done.

The politicians can do no more. They are just wrapping up.

Now, it falls to the voters. 
Now, we decide.
Now, we choose out fate.
Vote, and choose wisely.

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