Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wrapping up an election: History Made. *UPDATE 4*

Beyond the success passed President Obama getting reelected, despite conservatives spending 4 years focused on removing him, a number of notable results occurred.

Be sure to take note, appreciate, and remember.

New to Congress:
We are now at 20 women serving in the US Senate (and in all of Congress), an impressive record, particularly after a long dip in number that we've seen. Though that is a 20% representation. Hope we can see that as a trend.

Among these new women we have:

  • Tammy Baldwin - The first openly gay women in the senate.
  • Tammy Duckworth - The first female disabled veteran in the senate.
  • Mazie Hirono - First Asian-American woman and Buddhist in the senate.
  • Tulsi Gabbard - First Hindu in Congress. Also a veteran.

And also, Elizabeth Warren is in government. I am eager to see what they all do.

Also New Hampshire's delegation is all women now. Jeanne Shaheen. Kelly Ayotte. Carol Shea-Porter. Ann McLane Kuster.

We also now have Mark Takano, who is the first openly gay person of color in Congress. Starting to almost think being gay, nonwhite isn't a big deal.

Gay Rights:
3 states passed law legalizing marriage equality, Washington, Maine, and Maryland.

Youth Vote:
The 20-Something crowd went very strongly for Obama, as expected. But also the 20-Something also outvoted the Over 65 crowd. This is a nice shift. It means the younger, generally more progressive voice is gaining weight in the electorate.

Democrats have taken a supermajority in the legislature. So, finally, revenue bills can be passed, and not just cuts to vital services.

In San Francisco the Health Commission

The voters went against 3 Strikes laws. And also voted to support unions.

The people of Colorado voted to fight for campaign finance reform, as short as it will last.

Allen West (Insane, Loudmouth, Tea Party) is gone. Alan Grayson (Intense, Opinionated, Progressive) is back.

And Florida also refused to remove a 3 state Supreme Court justices. They dared to find in favor of the ACA, among other rulings. So the Koch's and other Right Wingers pursued their ousting. Florida refused to do as the Kochs told them.

Also a law attacking the privacy of women seeking abortions was defeated.

Despite earlier success removing Iowa Supreme Court justices that supported marriage equality, one that was up for a vote this year, David Wiggins, has been retained. So while their have been earlier removals of other justices, he's staying. Perhaps Iowa has realized it doesn't need to do what the religious right says, or be feared. Wish Oklahoma could realize this.

The controversial Emergency Manager Law has been voted down.

Minnesota has a nice history of being BLUE. But for the last 22 years Democrats have not been able to control the legislature and governor's office. That changed last night. Democrats have control of the legislature and executive, and that means a lot of the BS that Republicans have been pushing.

As well, they voted down an amendment to bar any future allowance of marriage equality. And they voted down a photo ID law, which would cut into the very voter friendly rules Minnesota has.

New Hampshire:
The congressional delegation of New Hampshire is all women now, a historic first for the country. It also has elected a woman governor, Maggie Hassan.

Mary Gonzalez has been elected to the Texas House of Representatives. She is openly pansexual.

Texas GOP has lost it's supermajority in Texas. Next time? Maybe we can have a Democratic run House? Just have to keep the work up.

Hispanic Community:
Hispanics are more likely than other communities to support state's allowing marriage equality. The assumption has long been that Hispanics are just a conservative subset, accept on immigration. But that just isn't true. Like many minority communities, their is real support and acceptance of the rights of women and gays, which the Republicans shun. It is time for people to not stereotype the Hispanic community and other minorities.

And Hispanic was strong for Obama. Florida 60-39. Nevada 68-24. Virginia 65-33. Colorado 74-25. Clear support.

More the the Cuban community, long assumed to be just an anti-Castro vote, went for Romney by only 52%. 48% of Cubans Americans found Obama and the Democrats more palatable.

Winning the Demos
Unmarried women support - 67%. Black support - 93%. Asian support - 73%. Latino support - 71%. Jewish support - 69%. 18-29 year old support - 60%.



Adding Takano to list of firsts in Congress.
Adding Mary Gonzalez.
Adding change in legislature status in Texas.
Adding shift in Cuban American vote.

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