Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wrapping up an election: We Voted

President Obama has done it. And by President Obama, I mean, Obama himself, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, the Obama campaign, the people on the ground calling and knocking on doors, those that went out and spread the word every way they could think of, and those that went to a polling place and laid in votes for Obama, good legislators, good measures (and against the bad measures and amendments). So. a whole lot of us, together, has pulled this off. The system worked.

And this was despite a lot of game playing by conservatives not eager to see the will of the people supersede theirs.

Others just wanted voters confused.

Despite it all, people got in those lines.

And voted.

And that willingness to engage in the process had made a difference.


There are issues with how we vote in America. But that is a topic for tomorrow. A topic we must all address and resolve, before the next election arrive (COMING SOON).

More, plenty more to discuss about last night.

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