Monday, November 05, 2012

Remember, remember, the 6th of November…No, really, REMEMBER!

It’s the 6th tomorrow. 


If you haven’t vote, if you haven’t gotten involved…WAKE UP!!!

It’s time to get out to your polling place. Commit to voting.

As busy as the president is he’s gotten around to voting.

Yeah. He’s traveling the country, talking to everyone, dealing with natural disasters, AND…voting.

Michelle Obama does a beautiful job breaking down the numbers. A few votes on one block could tilt this election. Every vote matters. You matter.

And remember all the people affected by this election and benefiting from President Obama’s leadership. Including, but not limited to…



College students:



Those concerned about foreign policy:

Every tax payer:

Get out and vote by tomorrow. It matters. You matter. And to continue through recovery, and protect and guarantee the rights of all Americans, vote for Obama and help hold back a roll back of progress, reform, and rights.

We need you tomorrow.


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