Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why your voting matters in November - Heartbeat from the Presidency Edition

Paul Ryan.

Know him?

He could be Vice President of the United States. He could also, if tragic events occur, President of the United States...So, do you know him?

We have, oddly, not seen a lot of talk of just who Paul Ryan is in the last few months. It has been glossed. over. Perhaps the beltway media thinks it's...glossy view of him from the fawning talk of past years is all their is, no more work needed. But that seems pretty dumb. 

We, the voters, should be allowed to better know someone who could be president in a crisis.

Ryan has a long record to know. For the question of the rights of Americans, he's been a constant foe of the gay community, repeatedly supporting federal marriage amendments and laws, which would end all existing marriage equality in the country. Along with this he still supports Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He's also voted against the right of gays to adopt children. He's hostility is clear.

When it comes to the rights of women, he's not friendly. He has worked long to strip away reproductive rights. He wants to see Roe vs Wade struck down. More than that he has repeated gone after any support of Planned Parenthood. He is a constant enemy of reproductive rights.

More than that he has championed the idea of a personhood laws. This would declare the fetus in a woman a human, and abortion a clear murder. It would seal the fate of all women under his religious vision. Whatever women may want to do with their own bodies, Ryan knows that he knows better.

On to wider health care questions, the approach the Paul Ryan has for access to medicare is to cut it down and turn it into a voucher system. This would mean far less support for any of us in our old age. You get some money, and then you are on your own to find a private medical service that can get you by, if you can find the medical care you need. It would mean meager support to those growing old and in need of a social safety net.

In fact from medicare to medicaid to social security, Paul Ryan only sees services in need of cutting down. It would be a very harsh life for anyone who found themselves in financial trouble. This is following on a youth and education for Paul Ryan largely supported by social security pay outs after the unfortunate death of his father.

Ryan would continue this theme in his approach to education. Vouchers for your family. Then you can go try and find out what level of education you can afford, as you compete, with a nation of families many with more money, pushing by you into the good schools. And when you want to go to a university, Ryan is not fond of expanding federal loans to help students get in. Again, you are on your own.

That seems to be a constant with Ryan. It no doubt, in part, comes from his adherence to Ayn Rand's philosophy. He seems to be fond to see people make it on their own. He seems himself in this light, despite the fact his life story is largely the opposite.

You've likely thought on Mitt Romney as president. But also imagine this man as your president.

Paul Ryan.

He would be a nightmare.

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