Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why your voting matters in November - Obama Cares Edition

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney and the GOP is hostile to the health care accomplishments of the Obama administration.

That means, if they are given the power, they will dismantle what has been accomplished the last 4 years. And while many of us would have liked to have accomplished more, Republicans would like to push back what we have gained. We either move forward in the fight for better health care, or we let Republicans lead a retreat into diminished health care returns for the American people.

While I have noted some Republicans have become iffy about ending Obamacare, the mood and money is behind a full repeal, before starting over. And let's be clear. Republicans talk A LOT about repeal. They also use the word replace a lot to. But they have no replacement plan in mind. They just want to be able to go in front of the camera and announce the dreaded law is gone.

Their is a choice to be faced November the 6th. Let us not hide from that.

People will have to fear losing their insurance. 20-something kids are going to get booted from insurance. The elderly will lose access to many prescriptions. And all those that are getting on insurance, despite having a long term illness, will be out in the cold, alone, again. Romney and the Republicans will leave the American people in a dreadful place medically. Then Mitt Romney will start in with what he has actually planned.

Under the Romney budget proposal severe cuts would be made to medicare, regardless of what Romney or Ryan want to say, the Romney budget plan, and the Ryan one before it go after services like medicare and medicaid. Or as they are designed, they will need to slice deeply into these services.

So to help understand the impact, here is a nice map showing the benefit difference between Romney and Obama's plans. And here is a NYT editorial looking at differences.

Add to this the impact on the pro-life/pro-choice questions. The small investment in contraception through Obamacare has an amazing impact. We could see up to a 75% drop in abortions. Through the increased access to birth control, unnecessary pregnancies will be significantly reduced. No laws controlling women's bodies. No law criminalizing doctors. Just insure women can get the Pill...

...and the world changes...

...And Romney, the GOP, and Conservatism will do everything in it's power to prevent this. They will just criminalize abortion, and let women fall where they may. But no surprise there. That is how they seem to see all of out health care needs.

We deserve better than Mitt Romney and the Republicans on health care.


And for your use, here's the Health Care page.

Also, their is more to come with Obamacare:

U.S. Set To Sponsor National Health Insurance Plans Under Obamacare

The Obama Administration is preparing for the federal government’s impending role as the primary sponsor of two new multistate health insurance plans that will be available for individuals and small businesses to purchase under Obamacare’s statewide insurance exchanges in 2014. 

(Bolding is done by me.)

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