Tuesday, July 03, 2012

GOP still can't get over Health Care Reform - Congress and Gubernatorial Edition

Following the last post, let's also consider the  thoughtful repose that conservatives across the country have entered in this ACA world.

Oh, that's right, they're all flailing around, kicking everything while holding their breaths.

How refreshing.

The governors are out, and trying to out petulant each other.

Think Progress has a map up showing states...sorry, governors who have either wavering on whether they will use the new system, or have just declared, "I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't want it!"

10 GOP governors have already announced that they would prefer to sit back and not look out for their state's citizens.

This means no added funds in 2014 to assist poorer Americans, in these states. It means millions of Americans being denied access to coverage. How many in my state? How many in yours?

Some of these governors...Scott Walker. Rick Scott. Sam Brownback. Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal. Familiar names, I'm sure. They are the up and coming party leaders...waiting to see if Romney will win and take care of this issue for them. IN the mean time they play for time, talking of their alternative that sounds as real and appealing as the promised items on the back of an old cereal books or comic book.

But we should also note that the White House has come out to say, whether these states like it or not, the feds will be setting up insurance exchanges in their states. We will see where this leads.

And then there's Congress. Congressional GOP have only one thing to say these days:

The GOP leader in the Senate has been clear that he is intent in working to dismantle reform. And when asked about those that will be hurt by this, he really has nothing of substance to say more than shrug. It's just not an issue for him, or the GOP. But as he's said, his priority is preventing Obama from being reelected. His interests are bigger than the well-being of millions. A man with real priorities.

In the House, Cantor raced to announce the GOP would be voting to repeal ACA in the week to come. Speaker Boehner, when asked about the people with preexisting conditions getting protections, said, "No." His plan is to drop them into a high risk pool in each state, and move on. Sure Boehner's not worried about the outcome of these pools, he's gut the money and clout to never end up in one. Real compassion.

Congressional GOP leaders have no real plan. Some Republicans, as I noted before, don't want to repeal it all, seeing the problems that will come. But the leaders are working for a higher power. A higher paying power, that is.

Now, GOP has been desperate to try and spin the reform as a TAX!!! Evil, foreign, sexy, not welcomed at the golf club tax. It's the new fun and lazy spin for pundits, loons, and wannabe loons.  

But this is not what the Romney camp seems to want. As the party moves to call reform, taxation. Team Romney wants to go back to calling it a mandate, as Romney called it that when he put this plan into action in Massachusetts. This may not please many powers in the GOP. So, it may partly explain why now Romney wants to not talk anymore about Health Care at all, calling a ceasefire.

No surprise. Talking about this, allows people to learn about the facts, and like those facts. Talking about this gets people talking about Romney's record, and gets people asking Mitt uncomfortable questions. Talking about health care reform is to talk major presidential policy, and Romney is trying to avoid that.

It is clear that the more people really learn, they of this reform. It's just a matter of getting people informed. And as the last few years have shown. The tool for that is not the media. It's us.

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