Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Those Guys With the Anniversary and the Quest To

Online reviewers are always a useful source of insight and humor...but every once in a while, when the moon is full and hearts are filled with impure thoughts, bigger, madder, projects arise.

That Guy With The Glasses is producing another event film for their anniversary. We've had a brawl, an invasion, a knightly adventure, and, now, it's time to flee...

That Guy With The Glasses Anniversary Year 4 Event

It once again brings together a number of the sites reviewer to face the sort of doom only the Nostalgia Critic's plans can bring. Should be fun to watch on their site, when it is released this...Summerish.

ACROSS THE OCEAN, in England, another brave band (many from That Guy With The Glasses) of hearty of body, but light of mind, adventures are making another putting another misadventure to film...or digital...


This quest is being lead by MikeJ (at @TheOnlyMikeJ). Now, Nerd Quest has finished it's principle filming today. Before and behind the camera, Ashens, Diamanda Hagan, Film Brain, Guru Larry, Happy Harry, Jill Bearup, MasakoX, MikeJ, Rick Bush, and Welshy, among others have been hardly at work. 

They've been putting out short bits to give brief glimpse of the fun filming the adventure.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Hopefully, further filming and editing will be done long, and we'll see what maddness they have wrought.

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