Tuesday, July 03, 2012

GOP still can't get over Health Care Reform - Court Edition *UPDATED*

Following on from my last post, we can see sanity is still far in the distance for conservatives.

Since then, what I expected has come to fruition as Justice Roberts has become a popular new conspiracy theory. For some on the left Roberts is playing a crafty game. He's trying to come off as "moderate" now (Though, I seem to remember his previous decisions which would make me doubt that.) to curb outrage at future rulings. Others think he's trying to use his ruling to set up dominoes for future machinations. OR, he came to have doubts about the constitutional validity of striking the law down. I don't know. Don't care. We need to have thoughtful judges, who have no interest in politics and political friends, named to the court. Beyond that, we are stuck with who's on the bench now.

But where liberals are suspicious (reasonable suspicion) of motives, conservatives have gone full tilt. Savage, on the radio, decided that Roberts was mentally off kilter as he agreed partially with the liberals on the court. Roberts deals with epilepsy, and takes medication, so that's why he acted this way. And then that he then went on to right a multi page ruling. Pathetic. But beyond Savage, Beck is printing shirts calling Roberts a coward. Others call him a traitor...for not agreeing with their ill informed opinions.

Speaking of strange opinions...the dissent in the case. The dissent in that case. While conservatives may have decided that Roberts is evil, we can hope liberals have learned finally Kennedy is in no way liberal or friendly, barring the odd occasional agreement. But this dissent. In it, Kennedy joins in saying that not only is the mandate invalid. But as it is so important to the plan, the whole of the law needed to be immediately dismantled. That is quite a leap. A leap Roberts came to see as impossible to make. But Kennedy? Sure, why not? I expected this from Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, who seem happy to be largely political operatives now. (Though I remember when I could appreciate a ruling from Scalia as an honest view...Haven't been able to see his logic in the last few years.) Kennedy, though, he's conservative. But I thought he had more sense then to go this far. But from the behind the scene stories. He worked hard to keep Roberts in line and on board to destroy the reform. (Heck, he was key in pushing Citizen United.)

Then when Roberts came to his conservative colleagues to get them to join him in going after the Commerce Clause, which they all want to do, they refused. They would not stand with him on a common goal, while not getting to fully strike down the law. They instead did their own pissy dissent, in which they ignored Robert's points and ignored the existence of the majority position.

This court is a disappointment. It is not supposed to be a political tool. Hell, the rumors now are that Thomas has been spreading the information about how the court was arguing out the ACA case. Trying to use it to create pressure with certain columnist against Roberts. Leaking deliberations from the Supreme Court...That's where we are now. Thankfully, Roberts seems to partially see this as problem, for now. We really need a Democrat in the White House for the next series of retirements. To get good and honest judicial minds on to the court.

It is just sad to see. Conservatives have done some masterful work to all but break the Supreme Court. But when you see their efforts in Congress, you can see how much they have practiced dismantling this republic.

But they don't want to acknowledge this work.


7/3/2012 -
I added a link that I missed on the Supreme Court info leaks in the post.

Also, I came across another indication that the number of leaks of information from the court are growing. Another source came out to counter some of the previous source. Congrats, SCOTUS, you are now officially just like the Executive and Legislative branch.

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