Friday, June 29, 2012

On the road to Health Care Reform

After a long week of teasing by the Supreme Court, we finally had our answer to the great question of whether the Health Care Reform law (ACA) championed by President Obama would stand. The waiting throng were inflamed. On one side, conservatives licked their lips at being able to attack and denounce ideas of mandates and secured rights to medical aid. On the other side were those eager for a win in the hopes of finally securing the foundations of reform to being addressing the core issues impacting millions.

And, for this moment, Chief Justice Roberts decided to be the voice of the majority ruling. 5-4, in favor of the mandate being constitutional (The ruling is at the link.). Laying out the reasoning, it was decided the reform was not defensible by the Commerce Clause, but that it did fall under the power of taxation.

And with word out, confusion reigned for a moment, in only the way the proud and loud professional media only can do. But quickly it was clear that the reforms had been preserved, mostly.

And in response...

Conservatives chose to be quite silly.
from Reuters

Apparently the idea of the poor having a guarantee of insurance and health care access conflicted with their Christ-like faith. But, I don't get religion.

And the politicians did their own bits of stage work.

Rep. Mike Pence from Indiana immediately announced that the decision was akin to 9/11. He apologized, but it nicely set the tone for the sheer ridiculousness of conservative reaction, like above. Also, he said his words were thoughtless...but how different was it from his unusual political comments in attacking the president?

The former spokesman for the Michigan GOP sent out an email declaring this law and the court's affirmation of it were grounds for armed rebellion. Though he hoped that his vision of the country would be established without having to shoot anyone. The reason for rebellion? If the government decided it could make decisions on personal choices like this, then the government is a threat. Now, at the same time, the GOP feels controlling women's reproductive choices, controlling family options for gay people, etc., is exactly what government should be doing. And this power over people, no doubt, is something people like the former spokesman feel should be defended.

Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky said that the reform is unconstitutional, regardless of the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court, according to Paul, are just a couple of people, who don't know much about the constitution. ...He's a rising GOP star...

Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin said he planned to just ignore the law and wait. Same old, same old in the leadership department from Walker. Suppose if the Koch asked him to set up an insurance exchange he'd wag his tail and run off to do it. And, Gov. Bobby Jindal in Louisiana won't being doing his job either. Guess he's waiting got to get back on addressing volcano monitoring first.

Then there's Romney. And, as usual, what he had to say was empty and false. It would be nice if the GOP candidate for president was less a ridiculous clown, and if he would treat the effort to improve health care seriously. Life isn't all japes and pranks, Mitt.

One point the GOP have made clear is that mandates are just ODIOUS!!!

Except when it comes to women and their reproductive choices. Then it's up to the brave GOP to step in and guide the dainty women folk away from their silly opinions. But, all that Health Care Reform offers to women, is unacceptable.

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