Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lizz Free and Buy This Book

I have noticed that Lizz Windstead (at @lizzwinstead on Twitter) has had a new book out, Lizz Free or Die.

I haven't given the book the interest it deserved before now. And that's a  shame, because it is actually quite an interesting and fun read. But I have not been inclined to books recently as I should be, another shame.

Thankfully, I listened to the newest podcast episode of Comedy and Everything Else. Winstead had a very engaging talk about her experiences and the new book, host Jimmy Dore (at @jimmy_dore on Twitter) and Frank Conniff (at @FrankConniff on Twitter). Episode is here.
Lizz Free or Die is her new book in which she tells us how it all began, along with lots of other interesting and funny things. 
"She writes of getting knocked up by her hockey player boyfriend in high school, spending a fortune on her dogs’ waste problems, and saying goodbye to her dying father with understated insight and, of course, humor—reminding us of its value as an antidote to both political and personal hardship. 
At a minimum, it is a fun interview to listen to, looking at Rachel Maddow, the start of Air America, the start of The Daily Show, dog care, and more.

But the book itself is a prize to partake. Give it a look through, and decide for yourself.

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