Sunday, June 24, 2012

Uganda: No Gays Allowed

I have already mentioned some of the continued efforts against the freedom and lives of the gay community of Uganda.

But, sadly, there is always more news from Kampala. This times from the Minister for Ethics and Integrity (About as creepy a title as Minister of Truth.).
However, while the anti-gay bill has so far remained off the statute books, a reminder of the severe difficulties faced by LGBT communities in Uganda comes with the news that the country's Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo has just announced that 38 NGOs will be banned because they "promote" homosexuality. While the organisations have not been named, it appears clear from the minister's comments that they will include many groups working to defend gay rights...

It suggests that the groups in question have been recruiting for and promoting the gay lifestyle.

This is what we keep hearing from pious worry warts (I shouldn't try and be flippant, they want to do horrible things.) in Uganda and in the United States. We keep hearing from them, the gays are recruiting youths. Now, these people are peddling the idea that the foreigners are trying to turn their nation's kids gay.

It's a continuation of the paranoid conspiracy theorizing we've seen from proselytizers of religious fear. In churches around the US, people are being warned that the UN is an organization based on a pagan environmentalism cult out to upend Christianity. Part of the same sort of thinking.

Why are you being asked to respect gays and allow them to be a part of society? Why are you being asked to try and preserve resources and clean the environment? It's all part of the secret plot against you and your culture. It is so much easier to see yourself as being plotted against, then to see the world passing your dangerous antiquated ways by.

It's painful to see, NGO's working to help prevent violence and help communities out are being driven out. And how does the US set any sort of example? States are shutting down health care for the poor to spite Planned Parenthood. Irrationality, pure and simple, putting lives at stake

And remember, Uganda isn't alone:
... Indeed, just this morning Pink News reported on a recent article in the Ethiopian newspaper Yenga daily which warned of a gay "infestation" in the country, and suggested that homosexuality is being "exported" into Ethiopia by foreign agents such as the UN, NGOs, European countries and the USA.
Not good news. Nice if all of those good Christians in the US would dissuade their fellow Christians in these countries against this paranoia.

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