Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alex Jones brings the paranoid BS.

Alex Jones...what do you say about this guy. He's an equal opportunity opportunist. That's about as nice as I can get about this guy.

If you do know of him it is, possibly, because of his wild claims about Obama and his plots to destroy democracy. If not, you may remember him for his wild claims about GW Bush and his plots to destroy democracy. If not, you may remember him for his wild claims about Clinton and his plots to destroy democracy. See a pattern? (Granted GW made the crazy easier to buy.)

But that pattern in important. For 8 years, under Bush, Alex Jones became a darling of paranoid liberals, and those looking for "proof" of Bush villainy. (Again, plenty of concerns to find, but not through Jones.) Under Clinton and Obama, conservatives flocked to him, and the criminal evil of those vile villains. (And under any president, he has a constant flow of nutters, and people just paranoid about government, power, and foreign powers.) That has been something he can bet on, no matter the side in power, the other side will race to hear him denounce "them."

I remember the first time I actually got to know how he worked. Came across a movie. Reading the description, I assumed it was a generic action movie about an evil global conspiracy. I was wrong, it was a generic documentary about and evil global conspiracy. It was fascinating to watch. The leaps in logic. The appeals to emotion. The absence of real evidence. At one point he was on a bullhorn yelling at generic bureaucrats going to a private meeting, about how he knew what they were up to and he would expose them. And this was to be a moment of triumph for viewers to see...but, sitting there, all I saw was that he was looking like a nut screaming at folks outside a hotel.

And that's Alex Jones.

Hear him for a moment he should pip a warning off in your head. Otherwise, if you listen to what he says over and over again, it is plainly ridiculous and contradictory. But people are getting what they want, so it is all good. Heck, Glenn Beck was happy to bring on his TV show while he had it? Tells you something.

Here's a mix of his best hits. It shows him lay out claim after claim, promising soon to come terrorism, murders, etc., none of which have happen.

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