Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Obama's health care reform works! *UPDATED*

As I have pointed to before, Obamacare, or health care reform, has been a success, and as it continues to unfold it's benefits to the American people and country will grow. Yes, people have been working to muddy the water, but the reform's benefiting are becoming clearer. And it behooves us to remind people of that fact.

Also, we've seen Republicans shift back and forth on the reforms. First they wanted to "fix" them. Then they wanted to repeal and replace them. Then they had to admit the replace part was proving trickier than they thought. Then people like Allen West started saying we'd keep various parts, to which Boehner said, "No, no we aren't." It has been a circus.

But Allen hasn't been alone in continuing to allude to replacing Obamacare with Obamacare. Oh, no. They have some concerns about what happens if the Supreme Court actually gives them what they want. (Funny how often the GOP is actually terrified of their own agendas and platforms, desperate to have Democrats stop them.)

“We believe that the whole bill needs to be repealed,” Price said. “That being said, there are some things that have been instituted that a lot of folks have begun to rely upon and plan — make their family plans — based upon. Twenty-six-year-olds being on their parents’ insurance is one of them.” 
Or, the plan is going into affect, it is having a positive impact on many people's lives, and the GOP can't be seen to be actually making things worse...But the Supreme is about to enact our plan to make things worse. Oops.

So, as I noted before, Republicans are suddenly eager to:

  • Prevent preexisting from being used against patients in need.
  • To allow kids up to 26 yo to stay on parent's plans.
  • Closing up that Medicare "doughnut hole."

But first they have to allow patients to be denied insurance, they have to kick all those kids off of those plans, and have to reopen that doughnut hole. Then, they will get to fixing them again. And that is before we even get into the fact that all of this is made tenable by having a mandate. I suppose in the months to come, the insurance mandate will be morphed into an original conservative concept.

They refuse to just admit the truth here. The reform advocates were right, that Obama was right. Instead of that, they will dismantle everything, complain about the liberal agenda, and then enact most of it again.

Your Republican Party, 2012.


Here is a nice piece from Reddit, that takes you quite convincingly through the Health Care Reform Timeline to show what has been gained or improved by reform, and what is still to come this year, and the years to follow. Quite informative for when you talk with people.

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