Sunday, June 03, 2012

Atlas Shrugged, and they thought it meant the next one was a freebie.

If you haven’t seen or heard of it, yes, they made a movie out of Atlas Shrugged, the book of Ayn Rand. Rather, they made a movie of the first part of the book, intending to do two more movies.

The result was somewhat low rent. Not really the best of anything, but that was because no one really wanted to donate money to get the movie made (Had they no appreciation of Randian philosophy?)
So the movie was made, it was in theaters, we all made jokes (Mr. Mendo did a humorous review of this flop.), and it left the theaters, having made less than $5 million of it's $20 million budget. I wonder if it worked like those lousy religious movies, where the movies really bad, but it espouses ones beliefs, so you love it? No matter it was gone. ...

... Until the DVD was released.

Yep. Really a class operation there. They truly got the core message of Rand, getting and using social security and Medicare.

But that’s not even the end of it. Like Frodo warned of 2/3rd’s of the way through Return of the King, “There’s room for more.” ...

... Yep. They conned…they got more support and have continued the vanity project. Come on, after Battlefield Earth no one was raced out to do the next part of the story. They had the good sense to burn their identities and walk away. Except, Travolta, he just got a relaxing massage.

But on with this they push. New cast. Got the likes of Michael Shermer to visit the sets. And the tracks looked clear and ready to get up to full speed.

That is, until the Ayn Rand people actually took offense. You see, the movie makers haven't actually paid for the right to make another movie. You don't skimp on paying off the Rand people. They will cut you. (Though I am not sure why they are eager to go after Netflix, for carrying the movie. Guess they are fair game for the "self-interested.")

Why do I imagine that the word parasite was passed around at Casa Rand? Guess the producers of these movies are not the right kind of selfish.

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