Monday, June 18, 2012

On This Day in Voting

Think Progress has a picture to remind of us the voting struggle on this day, many years passed.

She was willing to risk jail and fine to get to vote, and then refuse the costs and final fine from the different courts and police (They even refused to jail at the end, to keep her from getting an appeal.). And suffragettes for years to follow faced brutality in their own quest. Why? Because it mattered to have that right. And to use it.

What are the voter percentages these days? Being able to vote matters. As does actually voting.

As it is, in places like Florida they are actively trying to prevent 1000's from voting, just tipping the balance in the small numbers of us that do vote. People also want us to give up on the democratic process, not even try.

Susan B. Anthony faced prison to vote. In the 1960's people faced lynchings to vote. What do we risk by getting involved?

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