Tuesday, June 05, 2012

WI: What once was old, is new, and who promised to leave, still remains.

As we ready for voting to come to a close in Wisconsin, as the question of the recall enters it's final hours, we take a breath and remember...


Now, I don't want to be paranoid. I just think it is always important to be interested in elections being fair, and being sure votes are counted.  Speaking of which, do you remember Kathy Nickolaus? She's the county clerk of Waukesha county.
In last year’s contentious state Supreme Court election, Nickolaus left numbers from Brookfield out of the count and did not report the error for two days. The new totals gave Justice David Prosser the lead overJoAnne Kloppenburg, who initially appeared victorious. 
Democrats reacted with outrage over the race, which had become an early proxy war over Walker’s reforms. A recount was held and a state investigation found that Nickolaus violated the law by failing to post all returns on election night. 
She came under fire again during this spring’s Republican presidential primary,when results from Waukesha were hours behind and plans to post the totals online fell through. Reporters were left to sort through pieces of paper taped to walls. 
After this she was asked to step aside, and said she would. It would be better not to have someone like this running things, particularly a critical and intensely fought recall.

She's still around, isn't she?


But they promise she won't be there tonight.

We'll see.

But if you haven't yet, in the recall or any of the primaries today, and still have the time. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

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