Monday, June 25, 2012

Mitt Romney: Who's driving this bus? many weeks into this campaign season are we? ...What do you mean we could measure it Well the campaigns grind on, and we wait for Romney to have something to say that isn't a gaff or an evasion. But that isn't to say that Team Romney isn't trying to be fun (Stick your face in butter fun.).

You may remember that the team, the scamps they are sent a bus from their campaign buses to a President Obama event. To circle outside and honk away. You know, like a irritated cabbie, overheated dad, or a douchey boyfriend. What fun.

Well, they've done it again. Wise use of resources? Check. Tomfoolery? Check. Accidental metaphor for your own campaign. Double check.

Team Romney is on a roll with their winning plan. First, give no constant or concrete answers. In fact, flee any semblance of a real answer. Second, concern troll the president, "Gee he seems unable to do the job. Maybe...someone else should do it...Don't know who..." Finally, keep saying you'll repeal everything, and yada yada yada, the economy will be posthumously baptized...Sorry! Resurrected.

And this seems to be it. Pretend like the economy isn't improving (Damn, you Rick Scott, get in line!!!). Pretend the president isn't acting (Stop acting to help people, Mr. President!!!). Pretend that the president has no ideas (Stop with your ideas and agenda!!!). Then shrug and announce Mitt's the alternative, ans watch him coldly smile at the camera as his eye slowly look in on the camera.

It seems to be there only shot. Whenever Mitt speaks. When ever he goes out to engage with the commoner...his fellow man, his polling suffers. And his ideas and policy are not helping.

The GOP's slurs against Obama, and the pushing of paranoid wet dreams about the president have hurt. The millions spent by PAC have and will do damage to the president. And even with this, Romney knows his only real shot against Obama is to be the generic other choice, the yes in, "Would you vote for another candidate?"

He is the "Why Not?" candidate. I expect before long he'll be championing the "Can't Someone Else Do It?" cause.

That is, if his masters tell him to.

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