Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fast, Furious, and Signifying Nothing *UPDATED*

I already have a post addressing most of the ridiculousness of Daryl Issa and...well, he's pretty ridiculous all on his own, but him and the Fast and Furious SCANDAL (ooooo!).

It is ridiculous.

But as only Rachel Maddow can, here's a break down of why we are stuck dealing with this and why the conservatives are so (as usual) panicked.

I have been seeing some of the commentary in the comment thread on stories. And this explains some of the seemingly calm, but strangely agitated talk.

A few of the people commenting have been trying to push that things were safe and normal with this program under Bush. But, apparently, under Obama things changed (ooooo!), and now the weapons were sent willy nilly and Obama looked the other way.

Now I see what this was code for, this stuff from the Right Wing Blogosphere, where this is all about getting people killed to lead to gun control law.

Really. That is what this is about. They think this is all a plot to get gun control. Unbelievable.

Murders and weapons passing into the hands of criminals...for that? Sigh. Remember the Clinton years...Probably too young.

Okay. During that time a man named Vince Foster committed suicide, it was called by the right wing part of a conspiracy. When the Commerce Secretary died in a plane accident, blamed by the right wing on a conspiracy. This is the same old same old.

So after everything, this is what they want to believe, despite Obama has protected and EXPANDED gun rights. But the GOP, the NRA, and the conspiracy loons only see it as proof that conspiratorial web is about to enclose around them.  I lie, many of the GOP and NRA leadership know better, but spouting conspiracy promises money and power.

From the Maddow piece:
"I don't have all the facts, but I know he's anti-gun."
No facts, no proof, but they have their gut feeling. And the GOP will ride that as far as it will take them and their backers.

So as Congress readies to vote on contempt charges, remember, this is about a conspiracy theory.


6/26/12 - TPM has a nice piece on Fast and Furious nuttiness:
Five Signs You May Be A Fast & Furious Conspiracy Theorist

Just starting with the first idea, that Obama would have to want to spend political capital on gun control is a litmus test on how tethered you are to reality. At no point as Obama made any move or given a hint of that intent. In the wake of congressperson being SHOT, nothing. As Tea Partiers went around the country waving guns as they talked about him, nothing. But from Congress to the drunk passed out behind the VFW, you hear this wild ass, passionately defended claim. 

"He's after my guns." 

And when you ask them, how do you know, they make a claim about some vague action or speech. When you push back and show the quotes from him don't exist, they just shrug and say, 

"I just know."
Congrats to Karl Rove, his party really doesn't live in a reality-based world. He must be so proud.

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