Monday, June 25, 2012

The Four Corner of Deceit... Willful Ignorance to the Fourth Power

There is nothing quite as disheartening, but to see Rush Limbaugh so nicely define the Quest for Ignorance and Intolerance he daily bolsters and boosts.

The 4 are Academia (colleges), Media (Hollywood, news, except Rush and those who put his mark on their doors), Science (...Scientist!!!), and the Government (black helicopters, fat cats, except those that get a pass by Rush...and the military...I think). So anyone with an education is a liar. Anything on TV is a lie. Any result of research is a hoax. And, NEVER trust the government (Until we get a God fearing Republican back in...). Here's a good paranoid run down of the idea just after Rush posited it.

The Four Corners of Deceit. Quick. Catchy. Encompassing a pathology of potty paranoid pride. So it sells well. And makes a handy tool to try to shut down conversation.

It has been a quick go to on topics like Climate Change. It's all over academia (Ack!), on the news, (Boo!), touted as an issue by scientist (Smartypants!), and warned of by the government (You suck!!!). So, no one that matters is worried about this. And that is the way Rush and his buddies like you, dumb, complacent, and angry at the right time and at the right people.

Even on autism, Rush is playing a game (thankfully he's not pushing the antivax position).

The crap research of Andrew Wakefield was finally, officially, repudiated. So Rush plays it like Wakefield was a beloved part of the great Science Conspiracy, REVEALED!!! ...By other scientist, and printed by the media...Rush you're whole conspiracy is already falling apart...Nevermind...Science is EVILS!!!

So, it all fits together. Now, if anyone claims or suggest some environmental affect or material is impacting babies or fetuses...A LIE! Because, as Rush says, "They" always have a new hoax ready.


And it sells. Yes, Wakefield is a joke. But most scientist in the field knew that ages ago. He had never been a standard bearer for science. Same with talk on Mercury and autism. These and other claims out there are fringe positions, pushed by scared parents on to representatives. And the government takes extra safety steps.

But Rush cleans them up, adds a little bad acting, and acts like he's dug up some hidden dark secret, like he's leading people away from some villainous plot. He plays diligent investigator, pious truth seeker, and then goes out and chortles to himself. He's getting himself richer and richer by stoking fear, paranoia, and ignorance. Which is what he's been doing for years.

But now the system is in place to lock people into an ever shrinking circle of thought. These Right Wingers have home schooling, special colleges, news networks, radio networks, book publishers...From birth to the grave, you never have to come in contact with an original or troubling thought. And Rush gets to sit at the top of it all.

SPOILERS. Rush Limbaugh disgust me.

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